Moving a business that relies on relationships and familiarity with your environment is a tough task. Growing up in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia made it easy to find inspiring locations to shoot as well as a client base I was familiar with. That all changed back in May.

In May I was given the opportunity to move to Knoxville, Tennessee (Go VOLS!). My full time company, which is an amazing place to work, packed me up and moved me 8 hours away from my home. The best part, my kids and their mom live 2 miles down the road! After getting settled into my new corporate life role, and establishing my routine with my boys (football practice, school, etc), it was time to refocus on my photography.

I don’t run this business solely for the income. I have a great job that allows me to live an amazing life. I do it because I have a passion to capture a world that is worth capturing and the people that make it up. I met Hannah, a senior at Gibbs High School, when I was looking for a pet sitter for my dogs. We had arranged that she would watch Max and Geno while I was on a cruise this upcoming October. The dogs loved her when they met her! She told me she had dogs at home, as well as a horse. This was the perfect opportunity to capture an amazing senior portrait session.

This past Tuesday I hopped in my truck and drove to the beautiful land where Hannah lives with her mom. She introduced me to her horse, Alcatraz, who loved rubbing his head on my chest and asking for boops on his nose. Hannah hopped on him and I followed her in my truck up the side of a beautiful hill with tall, flowing grass that led to a tree line at the crest.

After the drive to the top of the hill

For the shoot I brought my primary camera, a Canon EOS R equipped with my new 50mm f/1.2L prime lens. Good God this lens is AMAZING. The skin tone is surreal. To capture detail in the sky and expose properly for shooting into the sun, I also came with a single off camera flash controlled by my hot-shoe mounted trigger. My back up camera, as well as my 135mm f/2L lens stayed in the gear bag in the truck.

The first part of the shoot went perfectly. Hannah chose two outfits, one a yellow and white flower dress and the second a black dress with a beautiful back. The yellow and white dress really popped against the green of the field. After capturing all of the photos I wanted with the yellow and white dress, I had Hannah change into the black dress. This is where things went…..downhill. The zipper in the back stuck. Then broke. As did the button. We had to make due!

Alcatraz learning that the black dress was broken!

Despite the curve ball, we were able to make some awesome images with the dress. After the sun was almost behind the tree line from this perspective, I followed them back down the hill for some photos without Alcatraz.

This involved both outfits again, which required some hustle on Hannah’s part. Overall, a very fun shoot. I loved new settings. Farmland vs oceans. I loved working with a horse for the first time. But most of all, I loved creating art for Hannah and her family to cherish for a lifetime.

Click here for a link to the full gallery. If you are interested in having carefully crafted, high quality and unique senior portraits taken, please fill out the form on the contact me page of the website. I hope to hear from you soon!

I’d say it’s a thumbs UP.